ROYALE was originally incorporated by Philippe Facque and Loic Caradec for the purpose of handling the  “ROYALE” giant multihulls activities (1980’s).

After the tragic disparition of Loic Caradec during the “Route du Rhum” sailing race in 1986, Philippe Facque commited himself to the development of sailing races and multihulls’ safety.

Since 1990, Royale has been organizing sailing races of various kinds, for the 60’ multihulls, then also for 60’ monohulls, with :
• oceanic sailing races, such as the “classic” Quebec / St-Malo transat © or newer sailing races formats, such as the Course des Phares © , or the Calais Round Britain Race ©
• 60’ multihulls “Grand Prix”, according to a formula renovated by Royale Production, with the objective to display the spectacular performances of the 60’ multihulls, for the benefit of the public, the media and TV, as well as the boats’ sponsors and their guests.

Royale Production also initiated, with the agreement of the French sailing federation, the 60’ Multihull Championship, wich gathers sailing races events (races and Grand Prix) in a single yearly calendar

Convinced that spectacular images and TV programs are a condition for the popularization and development of professionnal sailing, Philippe Facque hired Emmanuel Pairault, a TV Director specialized in sailing races, in 1996 .

Royale Production thus developed itself into a TV production company, as much as a sailing races organizer. Various innovative tools were created, such as “Royale Alantic”, a high-speed TV production motor-boat catamaran, or real-time 3D graphics.

Royale Production thus produces TV programs not only on the races it organizes, but also on other organizer’s races. Royale Production also produced “Régates”, a monthly TV magazine about all high-level sailing sports, which was broadcasted by Eurosport in 2001 and 2002 .

     •  A sailing race organize
     •  A TV production and services company.

Royale Production small permanent crew goes up to 50 to 100 people (including organization, races security, communication, press and media relations, logistics and pr services) on each of the events its manages.


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