Over the years, ROYALE PRODUCTION  has developped a unique 'savoir-faire' in regatta and sailing races
  TV production, thanks to extensive tools and means.


The complete coverage, live or differed, of sailing events requires specific technical tools and directorship skills.


Shooting and audio crews have to work on the water or in the airs, in unstable conditions.


New tools for the mastering of images and sounds have been created. Old ones were adapted.

ROYALE PRODUCTION built a high speed catamaran motor boat specifically for the purpose of shooting sailing races. Real-time 3D graphics were developed.


With the shooting of more than 200 regattas, ROYALE PRODUCTION accumulated a unique experience in sailing races TV production, live or differed.


Our team has a solid experience in shooting, sounds recording and transmission : Grand Prix, Oceanic races, Transats (Route du Rhum, Québec-Saint  Malo, Transat Europe1Newman Star)


Royale Atlantic

This high speed catamaran motor-boat was built with the objective to handle broadcast-quality TV productions .

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ROYALE ATLANTIC is a working platform designed for shooting at sea.

This catamaran’s unique design allows her to provide an exceptionally stable high speed filming or photography platform whilst at the same time creating minimum wash.


ROYALE ATLANTIC was conceived and built by a team of specialists  :

• Nigel Irens : architecture,
• Leroy & Tremblot : design ,
• CDK Technologies : building ,
• Royale Production and its partners : audiovisual production set-up.

The power of her two 350 Hp engines allows her to follow or move ahead of the action, and make it to a new filming site within a very short time.

Dedicated to coastal or inshore racing, ROYALE ATLANTIC has been conceived as an audio and video production floating center.

Depending on the needs, the boat  can be fitted with gyro-stabilised cameras, or cameramen with steadycams. The boat can also broadcast live images onshore .

ROYALE ATLANTIC is equipped with intercom systems allowing technicians, Director, pilot and journalists to communicate smoothly .

The audiovisual set-up is very flexible. It was built with the objective to handle as many applications as possible. The equipments set-up (including patch) is very easy .

technical characteristics

• Type :            Catamaran
• Length  :         15,50 m
• Width    :         6,30  m
• Height   :         6,00 m
• Displacement : 8 tonnes
• Power   :   2 engines of 350 Hp each
• Highest speed : 32 nœuds
• Autonomy :   500 miles
• Materials   :   Sandwich polyseter
• Operating zone : Coastal & near offshore

ROYALE ATLANTIC is the ultimate tool for shootings at sea images of the highest possible quality.
She can be rented fully-crewed by producers working in the fields of photo, cinema, television and advertising or organizers of nautical events .

ROYALE ATLANTIC Renting Tariffs [156Ko]


3D virtual animation

A sailing race or regatta can be difficult to follow and understand .

3D animation can tremendously improve the understanding of the boats’ relative positioning on the water as well as their course and tactics .

Such 3D animation can be played and broadcasted live, onshore, during a regatta .

Each competing boat and race’s marks are fitted with a GPS beacon which sends, every second, all informations needed for the fleet positioning on water. Coasts are also 3D-drawned .

Additionnal informations improve these animations :
   •  Boats’ courses
   •  Representation of starting and finish lines,
      lay-lines, engagement circles at the marks
   •  Distances between boats at the marks
   •  Wind direction graphics


 3D animation - live action

On a transat race, satellite positioning is recorded every hour. 3D video animations can be relased and broadcasted with a slight delay .

  3D tools developed by ROYALE PRODUCTION and its partner, K-RACTER thus brings a new dimension to
  the Grand Prix and oceanic races TV coverage .

  >  K-RACTER website


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