Royale Production’s offers cover :

  • Sailing races organization and mediatization & PR operations.
  • Chartering of boats for TV production and/or PR operations.
  • Video production services, including ready-to-broadcast TV programs, DVDs, stock-shots and sailing races video archives .


Sailing races organization, partnerships, PR operations

Royale Production is capable of handling all or part(s) of sailing races organization :

  • Race’s concept, course definition, Notice of race, coordination with sailing federations, sailors, class associations, boat’s sponsors.
  • Set-up of logistics necessary for the event (berthing of boats, starting and finish lines, security, contacts with maritime authorities, etc…).
  • Set-up and management of a media plan / media partnerships (billboards, newspapers, radio, trelevision) and of a fully operational press center .


PR operations are proposed at the start of all sailing races organized by Royale Production or during the Grand Prix events. These operations give you the opportunity to be at the very center of the races, to meet the sailors and to watch their boats in full action.


PR offers [544 Ko]

  Chartering of a 60’ Multihull or the “Royale Atlantic” catamaran

   Both the 60’ multihull “Tribulation” and the motor-boat catamaran “Royale Atlantic” may be rented from
   Royale Production, with their crew.

Tribulation is a 60 ‘ (18,28m) trimaran sailing boat, designed by Nigel Irens and built in 1987 .
She was first sailed by Olivier Moussy (under the name « Laiterie Saint-Michel ») and Olivier de Kersauzon (under the name “Esso”).
She is the sister-ship of Fujicolor  and Fleury Michon.
She entered all the major transoceanic races, and finished second during the 1998 english Transat with Olivier MOUSSY as a skipper.
She is still fitted as a race boat .
She can be chartered for shootings, and for high speed sailing day-trips.

Tribulation renting tariffs and conditions [108Ko]


ROYALE ATLANTIC was built for shooting at sea .
Her design and the power of her two 350 Hp engines allow her to shoot at a speed of more than 30 knots, close to the sailing boats, with a minimum wash, which allows close shots in the midst of the races.

Her equipments facilitate the technicians and director work .

ROYALE ATLANTIC may also be used as a TV set and multi-camera regie in a broadcast configuration .

ROYALE ATLANTIC renting tariffs and conditions [156Ko]

  Video production services

As specialists of shootings at sea, Royale Production and its teams can perform :

  • shootings and specific reports from anywhere around the world
  • The complete TV coverage (production and distribution) of any nautical race or sailing event, ranging from the live international signal of the start of the race to the race’s official program, and 3D graphics animations and video clips for TV or the internet .


The TV programs cut by Royale Production on the races and Grand Prix are available, ready-to-broadcast (french version). International versions (clean program) are also available .

Available programs [45 Ko]


   Part of the sailing races and Grand Prix events have been edited under the DVD forma.

The DVDs edited by Royale Production are sold online, by our partners Equator éditions :

   Video archives, stock shots




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