Royale Production handles the organization and promotion of some of the most famous sailing races, either as a race’s owner and producer, or as a services provider working for other race’s owners .

Royale Production’s crews, with its partners and subcontractors, have developed some unique savoir-faire as well as specific tools for the management of sailing races in the following fields :
     •  Race’s organization
     •  TV production and distribution
     •  Communication and promotion, media partnerships, press relations
     •  PR operations and services
     •  Animations for the public on the events settings

Royale Production is the only professional sailing races organization in Europe that has been organizing, every year, several high profile sailing races events, in France as well as abroad, during the last 10 years.

Over that period Royale Production has been organizing more than 10 oceanic races and 35 Grand Prix .




60’ Multihull Grand Prix

The 60’ Multihull Grand Prix format was “re-invented” by Royale Production in 1995, and was inspired by the multihulls “trophies” (which were entered by different class/size boats), that took place at the end of the 80’s / beginning of the 90’s .

The Grand Prix are part of the 60’ Multihulls Championship. They consist of 3 days regattas, crewed. Their purpose is to show to the public, to the media and to the sponsors’ guests the spectacular performances of these boats while racing a high level competition.

The Grand Prix create an animation in the local harbour, city and region for more than one week. They are the occasion to stage spectacular PR and business network building operations, and get a local, national and international media coverage, for the benefit of the host cities and event partners.

35 Grands Prix have been organized by Royale Production in France, Belgium, Italy and Spain  :
      •  Grand Prix du Port de Fécamp, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004,2005
      •  Grand Prix de La Trinité-sur-mer, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2004
      •  Grand Prix de Brest,  1996
      •  Grand Prix de Royan, 1998, 2000
      •  Grand Prix de Vendée, 1998
      •  Grand Prix d’Italie, 2001, 2003
      •  Grand Prix de Cap d’Agde, 2001
      •  Grand Prix de Belgique, 2001, 2002
      •  Grand Prix de Lorient, 2002
      •  Grand Prix Cap Lorient, 2003, 2005
      •  Grand Prix de Marseille, 1999
      •  Grand Prix de Marseille Métropole, 2003, 2004, 2005
      •  Grand Prix de Corse, 2004, 2005
      •  Grand Prix de Galicia (Spain), 2005

Royale Production also organized the TV coverage (video production and distribution) of several 60’ Monohulls trophies : Trophée  de Quiberon 2001, Trophée de Larmor 2002, Trophée  de Marseille 2002.


photo Gilles Martin Raget

60’ Multihull Grand Prix presentation download  [1,3 Mo]


Oceanic Races

Oceanic racing is by far the main discipline in sailing sports in France. Oceanic races mix sports and adventure. The mediatisation of famous oceanic races helped build public awareness in the boats and “star” skippers in the 20th century, thus giving them the resources needed for improving sailing and boat-building techniques as well as security at sea.

Royale Production took its part in this evolution, by organizing and TV-producing some of the major “classic” races, while at the same time developing new races formats : Course des Phares, Calais Round Britain Race .

Royale Production organized and handled communication and TV production of the following events :
      •  Course des Phares ( 60’ multihulls ), 1998 et 2002
      •  Route du Rhum,  2002
      •  Calais Round Britain Race ( 60’ monohulls ), 2003 et 2005
      •  1000 Milles de Calais ( 60’ monohulls ), 2004

As a service provider, Royale Production also handled TV production and distribution of the following events :
     •  Transat Europe 1 Star, 1996 with Pen Duick Co
     •  Course de l’Europe, 1999 with Pen Duick Co
     •  Fastnet Race (Multicoques et Monocoques 60’), 1999
     •  Transat Europe 1 New Man Star, 2000 with RWYC
     •  Transat Québec Saint-Malo, 2000 & 2004 with VIQ



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